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With over 1 million fixtures installed. Dialight has the largest installed base of industrial LED fixtures in the world.

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Dialight Industry Applications

At Dialight, we specialize in rugged, cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of industry applications.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

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Energy, Utilities & Mining

Achieve Safety and Operational Excellence with Your Industrial LED Lighting

Safety and productivity are your top priorities. We understand that dependable, long-lasting performance is simply non-negotiable and maintenance in your environments can be costly and dangerous. That’s why we are the only industrial lighting company to offer a fully-integrated system and in-house power supply design, delivering unsurpassed long-life performance—for lighting you can depend on, even in hazardous, high-vibration environments.

Count on Dialight’s extensive line of Vigilant and Safe Site Class I, Class II and ATEX-certified LED fixtures to suit any need, all backed by our 5- and 10-year full-fixture warranties.


Oil & Gas

With over a quarter of a million fixtures installed in upstream exploration, drilling, midstream transmission and distribution, and downstream refining applications, Dialight SafeSite LED fixtures are the lighting solution of choice for the oil and gas industry. Offering the widest variety of products with the broadest range of hazardous certifications,  SafeSite LED fixtures provide the ultimate in visual clarity, reliability and durability for maximum site safety, all backed by our exclusive 10-year warranty. Corrosion-resistant base and T5 temperature rating ensure long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free performance for coastal, on- and offshore use in a lightweight fixture that’s fast and easy to install for retrofit or new construction.


Dialight’s ultra-rugged LED fixtures are built to withstand the harsh conditions of underground and surface mining for iron ore, gold and copper extraction. Our factory-sealed, IP66-rated fixtures resist dirt, dust and moisture, and carry hazardous location ratings for CIID1, CIID2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 applications. Superior vibration resistance ensures maximum longevity and performance for a decade or more, backed by a 10-year warranty. In pits, shafts, conveyors and other mining facilities, Dialight LEDs provide providing exceptional visibility and safety in a virtually maintenance-free solution.


From polymer and plastics to lubricant refining and solvent facilities, Dialight’s SafeSite LED fixtures deliver long-lasting, dependable lighting that drastically reduces lighting maintenance with outstanding visibility for maximum site safety. Carrying a full range of global hazardous certifications, Dialight LED fixtures offer the durability and temperature tolerance you need in a wide range of form factors—including linear, area and high bay for indoor and outdoor use—that makes single-vendor procurement simple and economical.


Guaranteed to withstand the harshest, corrosive environments, Dialight’s factory-sealed LED fixtures offer durability, safety and long-life performance you can trust in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Designed to eliminate lighting maintenance for up to 10 years, our Class I, Class II and ATEX-certified fixtures meet or exceed the T-rating requirements for safe operation in almost any environment. And, with fixtures that use up to 60% less energy than conventional lighting, Dialight LED offer a short payback and fast ROI while helping to achieve your sustainability goals.

Natural Gas/LNG

Offering a full portfolio of energy-saving, industrial-grade LED fixtures, Dialight has a variety of lighting solutions for horizontal drilling, compressor station, upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Our high-efficiency fixtures offer a safe, sustainable technology that reduces power-generation fuel consumption to save money and put more of your product into the market. Every Dialight fixture is built to withstand high-vibration environments, backed by the industry’s only 10-year warranty.

Power Generation

Dialight industrial LEDs provide the ultimate lighting solution in coal-fired, nuclear, hydropower and solar power generation facilities. Our factory-sealed hazardous-certified fixtures offer superior resistance to soot, dust and moisture with exceptional vibration resistance. Ideal for power generation applications, our 60,000-lumen fixtures offer a true 1-for-1 replacement of 1,000W HID fixtures, cutting energy use by 50% in a 30% lighter fixture that tolerates a wide ambient temperature range. Offering optimum visual clarity and precise light placement, Dialight fixtures ensure outstanding visibility and safety for workers and improved perimeter security that meets national and international standards.

Industrial Processing & Manufacturing

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Industrial Processing & Manufacturing

Safety and Savings That Reduce Risk and Overhead Costs

Corrosive materials, dirt, vibration, heat and moisture can wreak havoc on conventional fixtures and low-quality LED lights. Dialight’s corrosion-resistant LED fixtures are dust, humidity and water tight to deliver safe, long-lasting performance. Additionally, our crisp, high-CRI lighting provides safe, uniform illumination with precision options that ensure low-glare visual clarity to improve employee visibility, safety, performance and productivity. Our industrial LED lighting products save you time and money, virtually eliminating lighting maintenance man hours, material costs, safety risks and production downtime.

Dialight products are built to last in heavy industrial applications, including: Heavy Industry, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Food and Beverage, Wood, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, High Quality Manufacturing, Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace.


Pharma and Biotech

Dialight’s long-lasting, high-performance LED fixtures provide the outstanding color rendering, clarity and maintenance-free lighting solution required to keep pharmaceutical and biotech operations running smoothly. Our factory-sealed fixtures resist dust and moisture ingress while built-in thermal roll-off protection protects components and eliminates catastrophic fixture failure to maintain a safe, clean environment. With many options for hazardous and non-hazardous applications, Dialight’s high-efficiency fixtures provide the reliability you can trust with savings that maximize RIO.

Food & Beverage

Dialight’s NSF and hazardous certified LED lighting solutions deliver the clean, reliable, high-quality illumination that food production and milling operations need to ensure safety and productivity. From flammable environments like wheat, flour and flax seed mills to sugar and sugar substitute production, cooking oil refineries and beverage packaging, Dialight has a product to meet the most stringent safety and quality assurance standards. With fixtures that resist dust and moisture, and never need opening for a bulb change, Dialight LED fixtures keep your facilities clean, safe and efficient.

Wood, Pulp and Paper

When visual clarity means safety, count on Dialight’s industrial LED fixtures to deliver the high-quality, high CRI illumination in a long-lasting, maintenance-free solution. With plenty of hazardous certified fixtures to choose from, Dialight’s LED luminaires are fully sealed to resist dirt, dust and fumes, and tolerate vibration and high ambient temperatures to keep your facilities safe and productive. Dialight offers the safe, efficient lighting solution for wood, pulp and paper facilities you can trust, all backed by our exclusive 10-year full-performance warranty.

Automotive & Aerospace

Dialight industrial LED solutions deliver the rugged dependability, temperature tolerance and long-life performance stamping, pressing, inspection, maintenance and hangar application demand. For paint spray facilities, our CID1 paint-spray certified fixtures offer the safety and outstanding visual clarity to support quality assurance. With next-generation controls built-in, Dialight’s networked lighting solutions provide flexibility in occupancy sensor activation, scheduling and dimming, as well as full compatibility with industry-leading building management systems for maximum efficiency and sustainable operations. And, our high-voltage AC/DC fixtures offer reliability and safety in a wide range of fixture formats.


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The Innovation and Market Leader in LED Obstruction Lighting for More Than 15 Years

Dialight offers the industry’s most comprehensive, energy-efficient and reliable line of LED-based obstruction lighting systems in the world supporting Telecom, Broadcast and Wind. Every Dialight system is fully FAA certified and Transport Canada and ICAO compliant for dependability and performance you can trust, and our precision patented optics ensure maximum safety with minimal ground scatter for community-friendly illumination.




Dialight’s globally-certified LED obstruction systems are trusted by tower operators around the world to reliably and safely protect any size broadcast tower. Their long-life performance virtually eliminates lighting maintenance for a decade, dramatically reducing the cost and safety risk of repeated tower climbs, as well as the risk of fines for noncompliance. Offering the only FAA certified High-Intensity LED strobe in the world, all Dialight systems are IP66-rated for outstanding weather resistance, even in extreme wind, cold, heat and lightening. And, our superior optics ensure maximum visibility and safety for pilots with minimal light trespass into nearby homes and businesses for dependable, neighborhood-friendly operation.


Offering the first LED system FAA-certified for wind turbine applications, Dialight’s LED obstruction systems offer community-friendly optics with vibration-resistant durability for maximum long-life performance. Our weather-resistant beacons are ultra-efficient, providing a green lighting solution to complement sustainable wind-energy initiatives. Integrated global GPS controllers and monitoring systems combine worldwide flash synchronization and management in a zero-maintenance solution backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.


With the smallest flash heads in the industry and community-friendly optics, Dialight’s FAA-certified obstruction systems provide durable, long-lasting tower lighting to protect vital telecom infrastructure. Offering a wide range of products for any application, many with IR integration, Dialight Obstruction Signals deliver superior safety, reliability and weather resistance with high-efficiency operation. GPS synchronization and integrated monitoring systems provide global control and visibility to reduce site visits and maintenance cost.

Public & Infrastructure

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Public & Infrastructure

One-stop Shop for Public and Infrastructure Lighting

A GSA-certified supplier for more than 5 years, Dialight is your one-stop shop for public projects and infrastructure lighting needs. Our preferred pricing and fast, cost-effective procurement services streamline the acquisition process for the industry’s widest selection of energy efficient, high-performance LED lighting solutions.

From our hazardous certified fixtures for water/waste water treatment facilities, to our rail car and track signaling, to our unique military offerings, Dialight’s reputation is extensive for safety and durability in even the toughest conditions.


Rail Tunnel

Dialight’s durable, low-profile LED fixtures are trusted by the world’s largest cities to keep traffic flowing and commuters safe in subways and light-rail trains. Our Linear and Low Bay fixtures are easy to install, and their long-life performance virtually eliminates lighting maintenance for up to 10 years. Remote monitoring makes it easy to check operational status without sending in personnel for maximum efficiency. That means fewer shutdowns, less gridlock and more happy commuters.

Water & Sewage

Dialight ensures reliable, maintenance-free lighting for water and sewage treatment applications with a full line of hazardous-certified High Bay, Linear and Area Light LED fixtures. Our long-life performance and 10-year warranty mean your staff will no longer have to venture into the belly of the beast for routine bulb changes. Dialight fixtures stay on when it counts to keep your facilities and staff safe.  


Dialight delivers maximum energy efficiency and ROI for military facilities ranging from aircraft maintenance to munitions storage and nearly 50 other applications. With a broad range of products, including hazardous-certified, Dialight’s durable industrial LED fixtures withstand the rigors of homeland defense use, with substantial savings that free up funds for mission-critical use.


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