Sustainable By Design

We are rethinking every aspect of our products from material science and supply chain to product assembly to end of life to minimize carbon impact and maximize efficiency and lifespan. We are currently one of the only industrial LED lighting companies certifying our products using EN 15804 with independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which identify the carbon footprint of materials used in our products. This information is used to inform our material choices for our next generation of products and can also be used by customers in support of their carbon goals and accounting.

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Lighting, by its nature, consumes energy in order to perform its required task. Therefore, when looking at net zero targets, the usage of the lighting itself poses a challenge in achieving net zero until the decarbonization of the electricity grid progresses.

According to an analysis conducted in 2021*, if customers who bought Dialight LED lighting in 2021 had retained their legacy lights, their carbon emissions would have been 2.5m tonnes. As a comparison, highly efficient, long-lasting Dialight LED lighting produced only 0.9m tonnes, which is a savings of 1.6m tonnes of carbon over a 10 year period.

*Based on internal calculations of the impact of lighting products sold in 2021 and the estimated impact of the fixtures they replaced.

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