Dialight NewsWire News/NewsFeed The latest headlines and articles from the world of Dialight. en-US MVC RSS Dialight Adds Mounting Brackets to LED Area Light Family for Simplified Installation /News/Details/Area_Light_Bracket_Launch Hinge-Style Design with Universal Adapter Enables Hands-Free Installation for 0-Degree and 45-Degree Wall, Pole or Stanchion Mount, Other Retrofit Options Available for HID Fixtures Farmingdale, N.J. (May 20, 2015)—Dialight (LSE: DAI.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced at the launch of its new simplified application mounting brackets, now available on the company’s industry-leading LED Area Lights. The new brackets are a great addition to the Area Light family which includes retrofit adapters for Appleton, GE, Killark, and Crouse-Hinds fixtures. Featuring a hinge-style design, the new brackets simplify the installation of fixtures in zero-degree and 45-degree wall, post and stanchion mounting applications. The hinge-style bracket comes pre-installed on each fixture to eliminate time-consuming bracket assembly in the field. Installers simply mount the bracket to the wall, post or stanchion, and the fixture portion hangs in place on the bracket, leaving the installers’ hands free to make electrical connections. The unique design also encloses all wiring connections inside the mounting bracket for maximum protection from the environment. “These new simplified mounting brackets make installing our Area Light faster and easier, requiring less personnel than our competitor’s products and maximizing staff efficiency and productivity,” said Richard Stuckes, Interim Group Chief Executive. “At Dialight, our mission is to make LED the best choice for lighting when it comes to energy, cost, maintenance and environmental savings, and now we can add ease of installation to that list.” The mounting brackets are available for 0-degree wall and conveyor pole mounting, as well as for 45-degree wall, pole and stanchion mounting, and offer a wider range of installation options compared to competing products. The universal adapter and corresponding brackets (wall, conveyor and stanchion) are available as mounting options on the 68-108 LPW DuroSite® and SafeSite® LED Area Lights. Dialight’s DuroSite® Area Lights are UL 1598/A and CSA certified and IP 66/67 rated. The SafeSite® Area Lights are C1D2, C2D1, C2D2, Class 3, IP66/67, and CSA certified. For more information on Dialight’s full line of lighting solutions, including IES files, LM79 reports and technical datasheets, visit www.dialight.com. Dialight Showcases Industry Leading LED Lighting for Industrial and Hazardous Environments at OTC 2015 and Lightfair 2015 /News/Details/Lightfair_OTC_2015 HOUSTON and NEW YORK (May 1, 2015)—Dialight (LSE: DAI.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, will display it’s world class, LED fixtures at the Offshore Technology Conference May 4th-8th in Houston, TX, and at Lightfair International 2015 May 5th-7th in NYC. The Dialight Vigilant®, Durosite®, and Safesite® product lines designed for the world’s harshest environments next week. Dialight will showcase its latest industry leading indoor- and outdoor-rated LED fixtures including their 60,000 lumen high bay (designed to replace 1,000W HID fixtures), Class I and Class II hazardous wireless controls, and the recently introduced Vigilant® H2 Series 140 lumen per watt High Bay. To learn more about Dialight, visit our trade show booths: - Lightfair – 3578, Level 1 - OTC – 3479, Main Hall Or visit www.Dialight.com for datasheets, photometric reports, case studies and other product information.   Next-Generation Dialight DuroSite® LED Conveyor Light Offers Zero-Maintenance for Mining Sites /News/Details/Next_Gen_CE_Conveyor_Light Updated CE-compliant LED Conveyor Light designed with precision long-throw optics offers 5-year full-performance warranty Farmingdale, NJ (DATE) - Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced the launch of it’s next-generation DuroSite® LED Conveyor Light. The fitting is designed specifically to eliminate lighting maintenance in the harsh environment of mining applications, where maintenance of thousands of light fittings installed on kilometres of conveyors and walkways across vast sites is an expensive and ongoing burden.  Carrying a five-year full-performance warranty the CE-compliant Dialight LED Conveyor Light is L70 rated for >100,000 hours representing minimal lumen depreciation over the life of the fitting. This rating far exceeds many other similar LED solutions and outperforms conventional sources by up to a factor of ten. Its robust construction can withstand the constant shock and vibration of the mining environment, unlike HID fittings that need frequent maintenance and replacement. The IP66 sealed unit is resistant to water and dirt ingress, optimising the longevity of the product. With its clever mechanical design, installation is quick and simple with ingress protection being uncompromised during the installation process.  Designed from the ground up to accommodate Dialight's proprietary long-throw optics, the compact, low-maintenance DuroSite® LED Conveyor Light incorporates wide-angle optics that enable optimised light spread whilst avoiding light spill and glare. The 60W fitting provides superior colour rendering, with a CRI of 70 and CCT at 6,000K, delivering a cool white light for improved visibility and clarity compared to conventional high-pressure sodium or mercury vapour. The DuroSite LED Conveyor Light operates in ambient temperatures from -40°C to 65°C, exceeding the upper temperature range of any rival, making it suitable for use in extreme environments. Mining installations can also benefit from its instant-on ability, eliminating the lengthy re-strike delays that are common with HID lighting systems. Considering energy savings, eliminated maintenance and out-of-the-box installation, the Dialight DuroSite LED Conveyor Light will pay for itself many times over in its lifetime.   AGM Trading Update /News/InvestorDetails/AGM_Trading_Update_15Apr2015 Dialight plc (“Dialight” or the “Company”) AGM Trading Update   Dialight plc (LSE: DIA.L), the UK-based market leader in LED lighting, today publishes the following trading update for the three months to 31 March 2015 in advance of its Annual General Meeting, to be held later today.   Demand for our market-leading products within the Lighting segment remained strong and Group revenue growth for the quarter exceeded management expectations.   The initial assessment from the business review conducted by the Group’s recently-appointed Interim Group Chief Executive and Group Finance Director, in conjunction with our management teams in the UK and US, is that the development of Dialight’s production infrastructure and processes will need more focus and attention to keep pace with the Group’s rapid growth in sales. The Board will be reviewing a range of actions to improve the operational performance of the business in the second half and beyond.   Group net debt at the end of the period was £8.9m. We remain encouraged by the strong demand for LED lighting. Although the Group’s operating profits will be weighted more towards the second half of 2015 than in previous years, the Board’s expectations for the full year remain unchanged.   Contacts:    Dialight PLC Richard Stuckes – Interim Group Chief Executive  Fariyal Khanbabi – Group Finance Director Tel: 01638 778641     Canaccord Genuity Limited Peter Stewart Tel: +44 (0) 20 7523 8000    FTI Consulting Nick Hasell +44 (0)20 3727 1340     About Dialight plc The Group comprises the following business segments:   Lighting which addresses the increasing demands for Energy Efficient Lighting solutions for industrial/hazardous locations;   Signals that covers Traffic, Transportation and Obstruction signals; and   Components whose sales are primarily to Electronics OEMs for status indication.   The company is headquartered in the UK with operating locations in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, UAE, the UK and the USA. More information is available at www.dialight.com Resolutions passed at 2015 AGM /News/InvestorDetails/3122K /**/ RNS Number : 3122K Dialight PLC 15 April 2015   DIALIGHT PLC   RESOLUTIONS PASSED AT 2015 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   15 April 2015   Copies of the resolutions put to shareholders of Dialight plc ("Company") and passed by a vote on a show of hands by the required majority at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, have today been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for inspection at www.hemscott.comsm.do:     FOR DISCRETIONARY AGAINST WITHHELD TOTAL VOTE Resolution Number           01 16,473,599 9,706 55,173 35,271 16,573,749 02 11,570,319 9,562 4,422,637 571,231 16,573,749 03 16,529,072 9,706 144 34,827 16,573,749 04 15,963,414 9,706 564,901 35,728 16,573,749 05 16,092,404 9,850 434,812 36,683 16,573,749 06 16,276,026 9,850 251,388 36,485 16,573,749 07 16,303,570 9,850 223,123 37,206 16,573,749 08 16,418,158 9,850 54,283 91,458 16,573,749 09 16,465,208 9,850 61,251 37,440 16,573,749 10 16,472,777 9,850 54,637 36,485 16,573,749 11 16,483,590 10,450 42,936 36,773 16,573,749 12 16,338,845 11,450 186,440 37,014 16,573,749 13 15,431,651 9,706 1,096,544 35,848 16,573,749 14 16,420,229 10,306 105,549 37,665 16,573,749 15 16,522,758 10,306 3,690 36,995 16,573,749 16 15,845,843 9,850 682,941 35,115 16,573,749   The total number of shares in issue as at 15 April 2015 was 32,503,258. The total number of votes received at the close of business on 13 April 2015 was 16,573,749 representing 50.99% of the issued share capital as at 15 April 2015.   Nick Giles Company Secretary Dialight plc Tel: +44 (0) 1638 778641 This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange Director/PDMR Shareholding /News/InvestorDetails/6580J /**//**/H1{MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Arial","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:10pt}H2{MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Arial","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:10pt}H3{MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Times New Roman","serif";FONT-SIZE:13.5pt}OL{MARGIN-BOTTOM:0cm}UL{MARGIN-BOTTOM:0cm}LINK{COLOR:#10497c}visited{COLOR:purple}.ab{MARGIN:2cm 73.45pt 2cm 76.55pt;size:595.3pt 841.9pt}DIV.ab{}P.bd{TEXT-ALIGN:center;LINE-HEIGHT:normal;MARGIN:0cm;FONT-FAMILY:"Calibri","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:11pt;FONT-WEIGHT:bold}SPAN.bb{COLOR:black;FONT-SIZE:10pt}P.be{LINE-HEIGHT:normal;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Calibri","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:11pt}SPAN.az{COLOR:black;FONT-SIZE:10pt}P.g{MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Courier New";COLOR:black;FONT-SIZE:10pt}SPAN.f{FONT-FAMILY:"Courier New";COLOR:black}SPAN.ax{FONT-FAMILY:"Calibri","sans-serif"}P.bf{TEXT-ALIGN:center;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Courier New";COLOR:black;FONT-SIZE:10pt}SPAN.bg{FONT-FAMILY:"Courier New";COLOR:black;FONT-WEIGHT:bold}P.bh{TEXT-ALIGN:justify;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Courier New";COLOR:black;FONT-SIZE:10pt}TABLE.bi{BORDER-BOTTOM-STYLE:none;BORDER-LEFT-STYLE:none;BORDER-COLLAPSE:collapse;BORDER-TOP-STYLE:none;MARGIN-LEFT:-5.4pt;BORDER-RIGHT-STYLE:none}TD.ap{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;BORDER-LEFT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:86.75pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP:black 1pt solid;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}SPAN.aq{FONT-FAMILY:"Calibri","sans-serif"}TD.ao{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;BORDER-LEFT:black 1pt;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:95.5pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP:black 1pt solid;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}TD.an{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;BORDER-LEFT:black 1pt;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:138.05pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP:black 1pt solid;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}TD.am{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;BORDER-LEFT:black 1pt;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:92.6pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP:black 1pt solid;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}TD.al{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;BORDER-LEFT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:86.75pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP:black 1pt;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}TD.ai{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;BORDER-LEFT-STYLE:none;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:95.5pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP-STYLE:none;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}P.bj{TEXT-ALIGN:right;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 0pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Courier New";COLOR:black;FONT-SIZE:10pt}TD.ah{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;BORDER-LEFT-STYLE:none;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:138.05pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP-STYLE:none;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}TD.ag{BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1pt solid;PADDING-BOTTOM:0cm;BORDER-LEFT-STYLE:none;PADDING-LEFT:5.4pt;WIDTH:92.6pt;PADDING-RIGHT:5.4pt;BORDER-TOP-STYLE:none;BORDER-RIGHT:black 1pt solid;PADDING-TOP:0cm}P.bk{TEXT-ALIGN:justify;LINE-HEIGHT:12pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 6pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Arial","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:9pt}SPAN.ae{FONT-FAMILY:"Calibri","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:10pt}P.bl{TEXT-ALIGN:justify;LINE-HEIGHT:12pt;MARGIN:0cm 0cm 6pt;FONT-FAMILY:"Arial","sans-serif";FONT-SIZE:9pt;FONT-WEIGHT:bold}/**//**/ RNS Number : 6580J Dialight PLC 08 April 2015         Dialight plc ("Company")   Director/PDMR Shareholding     8 April 2015   Award under The Dialight plc 2014 Performance Share Plan ("PSP")   On 7 April 2015 the under mentioned Director/Person Discharging Managerial Responsibility, was granted a nil cost option that will entitle her to receive ordinary shares of 1.89 pence each in the Company in accordance with the rules of the PSP.   Name Number of options granted under the PSP   Total number of shares over which incentive awards in the PSP held following notification % of issued class Fariyal Khanbabi 32,325 59,999 0.185%   The option will normally exercise on the third anniversary of grant subject to continued employment and the satisfaction of two performance conditions as set out below. 50% of the option is measured against the Company's total shareholder return ("TSR") over the three year period relative to the FTSE 250 Index (excluding investment trusts) ("TSR Performance Condition"). The remaining 50% of the option is measured against the Company's earnings per share ("EPS") over a three year period ("EPS Performance Condition"). TSR Performance Condition No part of the option subject to the TSR Performance Condition shall vest if the percentage increase in the Company's TSR is below the percentage increase in the TSR of the comparator index. 25% of the shares subject to the TSR Performance Condition will vest if the percentage increase in the Company's TSR is equal to the percentage increase in the TSR of the comparator index, rising on a straight-line basis, to 100% vesting if the percentage increase in the Company's TSR is equal to the increase in the TSR of the index plus 10% per annum. EPS Performance Condition No part of the option subject to the EPS Performance Condition will vest if the percentage increase in the Company's EPS is below 10% per annum, 25% of the shares subject to the EPS Performance Condition will vest if the percentage increase in the Company's EPS exceeds 10% per annum, rising on a straight-line basis, to 100% vesting if the percentage increase in the Company's EPS exceeds 25% per annum. No consideration was paid for the grant of this option and no consideration is due to be paid by the participant on the vesting of the option. This notification is made in accordance with DTR 3.1.4R(1).   Nick Giles Company Secretary, Tel: +44 (0) 1638 778641 This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange