Our People and Culture

Our People

We recognize that the skill and commitment of our employees plays a large part in the success of our Company and we recognise that each person has their own individual contribution to make. It is through our people that we will progress our strategy and ensure that we realise the potential for growth. Developing a high performing and inclusive culture is a key enabler in our ability to deliver strategic growth.

Engaged, motivated, empowered and appropriately skilled employees are integral to our success. We support all our people by creating a safe, inclusive environment, where every individual is able to work and contribute to the development of the business.


Our Values

Cultural Genes
These are the unique cultural and behavioural principles we must protect and leverage to optimise our organisational genes and deliver our purpose.
Live the Process
Be passionate about making the world safer, cleaner and healthier. See real problems and create innovative solutions.
Embrace the Adventure
Continually grow and change, as individuals and collectively. Challenge assumptions and see opportunities. Seek insight from all directions and leverage diverse points of view.
Be an Entrepreneur
Be an owner, risk taker, visionary. Transform bold ambitions into reality. Be agile and responsive in the face of constant change.
Can Do
A “can do” attitude to conflicting priorities. Build for tomorrow and deliver today. Have stability and constantly evolve. Enjoy autonomy and eagerly collaborate to accomplish our goals.
Play to win, but not at the expense of others. Operate with impeccable ethics, transparency and integrity in all that we do.

Long Service Recognition

We feel it is important to recognise the achievements of our people and the long service awards are part of that process. The awards reflect the length of time that Dialight has been established in the local areas with the longest being a 50 year award in Farmingdale New Jersey for an employee who started when the LED was invented. Our oldest plant in Roxboro, US celebrated two long-term employees, with 35 and 40 years service. Our presence in the Ensenada region of Mexico gave rise to several people collecting awards to recognise 15 and 20 years service. Our Penang factory opened in 2012 recognised staff with 5 and 10 years service.

Farmingdale, NJ, USA: 50 Years
Roxboro, NC, USA: 35-40 Years
Ensenada, MX: 15-20 Years
Penang, Malaysia: 5-10 Years