Lighting is of critical importance in industrial facilities to maximize both safety and productivity. Industrial sites are notorious for harsh conditions that can contribute to premature fixture failure. We deeply understand the harsh environments that our customers depend on our fixtures to illuminate each day. That’s why our LED light fixtures are built specifically for longevity in these conditions and most offer our industry-leading 10 year warranty which is backed by decades of proven performance in harsh conditions and is recognized as a trusted warranty by the National Lighting Bureau. Our products feature our custom power supplies, low maintenance mechanical design, the latest LEDs and advanced optics, and intelligent controls options designed for optimum performance among the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Check out the resources below to learn more about our best-in-class in-house design and testing capabilities.

Experts in Harsh & Hazardous Applications

Custom Power Supplies

Low Maintenance Mechanical Design

Latest LEDSs Advanced Optics

Intelligent Controls
Debunking the Lumens Per Watt Myth
Industrial Hazards & LED Lighting
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