Lanyard Recall

Dialight has identified that certain stainless-steel secondary retention lanyards supplied in the past with some of our fixtures may not meet our strict standards for safety and quality.  These lanyards were produced by a 3rd party manufacturer and shipped from Dialight between January 2017 and December 2018.  So long as fixtures are mounted in strict accordance with the product mounting instructions, the risk of failure of the primary mounting is very remote.  However, whilst the net risk of harm or damage being caused through failure of a secondary retention safety system is extremely remote, it is important that this recall notice is acted upon.

Based on the defect that has been identified, Dialight is replacing the cables:

  • HBXCAB48
  • H6XCAB72

Please fill out the below Lanyard Response Form in order to begin your order for a replacement from Dialight or call 855.675.7209.