Investment Case

Dialight is a story of sustainability built on long-term strategic investment in R&D. We are pioneers in energy efficiency and safety, trusted globally in the most demanding environments. A majority of the industrial world still relies on antiquated, inefficient legacy lighting technologies including High Pressure Sodium, Fluorescent and Metal Halide which require frequent maintenance or replacement, contain hazardous materials such as mercury, and offer sub-optimal illumination to safely perform tasks. At Dialight, we see a world where heavy industry can be transformed to be safer, more productive and environmentally friendly through illumination. Dialight is the global leader in industrial and hazardous LED lighting technology with millions of fixtures installed worldwide. Our deep understanding of the harsh environments that our customers operate within best positions us to help meet their needs. Our fixtures are engineered and tested specifically for longevity in these conditions. Safety, sustainability & savings have always been at the heart of our business. We work to help our customers reach their net zero goals, while also safeguarding the people and processes that keep the world moving.

Positioned for Growth

Our global footprint and diverse customer base ideally position us to capture the potential of an industrial market which is still largely unpenetrated by LED and where the majority of lighting is antiquated, and environmentally damaging. LED lighting represents the future.



Our best-in-class designs offer superior performance backed by a 10-year warranty, low maintenance, high efficiency and long life. That’s how we provide our customers with faster payback and a better return on investment.



Controlled lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing factory automation and building management systems to conveniently optimise site safety and productivity.



Significant expertise exclusively in LED and over 50 years of experience as a lighting partner to many of the world’s leading organisations have helped us achieve the largest installed base with millions of industrial LED fixtures around the world.



A strategic focus on environmentally friendly LED technology and a commitment to helping all organisations, including our own, reach corporate sustainability goals.



Increased manufacturing capacity with our facilities in the US, Mexico and Malaysia providing scalable production.


The industrial LED lighting market has low market penetration and a maximum retrofit cycle of 20 years. The drivers for adoption pre-Covid were mainly based on financial benefits with the environmental upside not being a primary driver. We have clearly seen an inflection point in adoption resulting from COVID-19 but the large-scale adoption will be driven by other items, such as – companies taking action to meet Science Based targets to achieve net zero using LED lighting as a quick win. See our case studies in the Annual Report.

– legislation that bans older mercury-based lighting in the industrial sector

– increased awareness of the significant financial, environmental and social benefits from LED

The potential opportunities and risks to the business from a very steep adoption curve are discussed in the TCFD section on pages 62 to 69 of the Annual Report.

There are two main ways in which customers approach the conversion to LED

1) Conversion is funded from the maintenance budget and therefore orders are low volume over a longer period; these are known as Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) orders.

2) Conversion is funded by a capital expenditure programme. These are higher value and less frequent orders that generally will upgrade a complete facility or building on a multi-site facility as part of a corporate sustainability program.