The industrial sector is hampered by harsh and hazardous conditions that can lead to injury or even death, costing billions of dollars in medical expenses and lost productivity. Risk of accidents can be reduced by as much as 60% with clear illumination, like LED lighting. Dialight’s industry-leading 10 year warranty and long LED fixture lifespan help significantly reduce the dangerous task of maintaining industrial lighting at elevated heights and our crisp, clear illumination helps to expose accident risks before they happen. Furthermore, our products are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use and harsh environments including: high heat, vibration, dust and debris, unstable power conditions, and even explosive atmospheres. We offer hazardous led lighting and explosion proof lighting options for a variety of applications.

Lighting Safety Hazards

High temps can quite literally fry the electronic components resulting in premature fixture failure or potentially unsafe drop in light output. Highly corrosive environments such as coastal and marine applications can literally eat away at fixture hardware which can compromise the integrity of the fixture itself as well as its secure mounting.

High Heat & Humidity

Non-stop heavy machinery isn’t just difficult to work with, it takes a toll on lighting fixtures too, shaking loose electronic components and mounting hardware.

Heavy Noise & Vibration

Causes degradation of the LEDs and other electronic components that can lead to color shifting or lumen depreciation. Dust build up can also cause fixtures to overheat posing a potential fire risk.

Dust & Debris

Overstress the power supply and damage fixture electrical components, which can cause catastrophic damage to the fixture and an unsafe work environment

Power Surges

The volatile combination of explosive gases, dusts or fibers with the potential for ignition by an arc or a spark or high heat from a light fixture can have dire consequences.

Explosive Atmospheres

Falls from elevation remain a key OSHA violation at industrial sites every year. Most antiquated lighting technologies require frequent maintenance and bulb replacement which increases the risk of falls, electrocution, and other preventable injuries.

Maintenance at High Elevations


LED lighting is the most efficient white light on the market offering significant energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions. Dialight is a pure play LED lighting company dedicated solely to environmentally friendly LED lighting with over 50 years of LED-only expertise. We are constantly challenging ourselves to design for sustainability. Our highly efficient products have a lifespan nearly double that of other LED competitor products, reducing landfill waste. Additionally, our products do not contain any mercury or other toxic materials requiring hazardous disposal. We are one of the only industrial LED lighting companies currently certifying our products with independently verified Environmental Product Declarations, and are pushing boundaries in pursuit of a fully recyclable luminaire. As an organization, we are committed to becoming net zero by 2040 and are proud to be part of the Green Economy Index on the London Stock Exchange.

Sustainable Fixtures

Celebrating 50 years of LED only innovation, pioneering best-in-class solutions for industrial applications.

Pure Play LED

We are proud to be part of the Green Economy Index of the London Stock Exchange.

Green Economy Index Listed

Our 10 year warranty is double that of many competitors and has been recognized by the National Lighting Bureau’s Trusted Warranty Program.

Industry Leading

Our products last 5X longer than legacy lighting and double that of many LED lighting competitors.

Long Lasting

Highly efficient, utility rebate eligible, controls enabled illumination

Highly Efficient

Our products do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury that would require hazardous disposal.

Mercury Free


Upgrading to Dialight industrial LED lighting is extremely cost effective, offering a significant reduction in lighting related energy costs, maintenance costs, production downtime, and the risk of accidents due to poor illumination. Our customers enjoy a payback period of 2 years on average. Many of our products are Design Lights Consortium (DLC) listed which means they qualify for additional utility rebates. Our highly efficient fixtures significantly reduce energy usage and we also have controls-enabled options that can integrate with existing Factory Automation for even more savings. Lastly, our services, including: custom lighting layouts and site audits are always free. In many cases, our high-powered fixtures have even afforded our customers with the opportunity to reduce the total number of fixtures needed by half vs. existing legacy lighting technologies. Check out our ROI Calculator, Energy Rebate Database to see how much you could be saving.

Total Savings over Dialight Fixture Lifespan

Reduced labor and production down time

Quick, Easy Installation

Energy Costs Decreased. DLC standard or premium available on most models

Energy Rebate Eligibility

IntelliLED advanced controls options even further reduce lighting related energy costs

Wireless Controls

Significant reduction or elimination of materials, labor and production down time

Reduced maintenance

Risk of accidents is cut up to 60% with clear visibility of hazards

Improved safety

Dialight offers free site audits, lighting layouts and ROI analyses, helping you de-risk your investment and find the right solution without over-purchasing

Complimentary services