Case Studies

Learn more about Dialight’s LED lighting installations at hazardous and non-hazardous facilities with case studies across industries like Aerospace, Chemical/Petrochemical, Distilleries, Glass, Oil & Gas, Pulp, Paper, and Packaging, Paint Mixing, Ship Building, Warehouse, and more.

Case Study Industry Country Products
SRVSA Case Study Industrial / Water and Sewage USA Linear, Street Light, RTO Area, Area Light, Floodlight, High Bay
Miller Industries Case Study Industrial / Automotive USA High Bay
OQ Chemicals Case Study (Hazardous / Chemical) Chem/Petrochem USA Linear, Area Light, Floodlight, High Bay
G.A. Braun Case Study (Industrial / Laundry Machine Manufacturing) Industrial / Manufacturing High Bay
PepsiCo Case Study (Food & Beverage) Industrial Singapore High Bay, Control Systems
Diamond Vogel Case Study (Hazardous / Paint Mixing) Paint Mixing USA High Bay, Linear
North Dakota Mill Case Study (Hazardous / Grain Storage) Industrial / Food Processing USA Linear
Gas Monkey Garage Case Study (Industrial / Automotive) Warehouse / Automotive USA Linear, Area Light, Floodlight, High Bay
Rubis Terminal Case Study (Hazardous / Chemical / Petrochemical) Oil & Gas The Netherlands Stainless Steel Linear
D.S. Smith Case Study (Industrial / Warehouse) Industrial / Warehouse / Wood, Pulp & Paper UK High Bay, Low Bay
Torre Latinoamericana Case Study (Infrastructure) Tall Structure / Tower Mexico Obstruction, RTO Area
Duncan Aviation Case Study (Industrial / Aviation) Aviation USA High Bay, Control Systems
NSG Pilkington Industrial / Glass UK High Bay
Total Marine Technology Case Study (Oil & Gas) Energy / Oil & Gas Australia Area Light, Wallpack Bulkhead
Valero Case Study (Hazardous / Oil & Gas) Energy / Oil & Gas USA Area Light
Huron Case Study (Property Management) Public Works / Property Management USA Area Light, High Bay
Henkel Case Study (Public Works) Public Works / Water and Sewage USA High Bay
Diamond Pet Foods Case Study (Industrial / Food Processing) Industrial / Food Processing USA RTO Area, Area Light, High Bay, Linear
A.B. Jewell Water Treatment Plant Case Study (Industrial / Waste Water) Public Works / Water and Sewage USA Low Bay, Area Light, High Bay, Street Light
NLMK Case Study – USA (Industrial / Steel Mill) Industrial / Steel Mill USA Area Light, High Bay, Street Light
Noyon Solutions Logistiques Case Study – France (Industrial / Logistics) Industrial / Logistics France High Bay
MMD Shipping Case Study – UK (Industrial / Cold Storage) Industrial / Cold Storage UK High Bay, Low Bay
Zero Mountain Case Study – USA (Industrial / Cold Storage) Industrial / Cold Storage USA High Bay
Santa Cruz Case Study – US (Public Works / Wastewater Treatment) Public Works / Water and Sewage USA High Bay, Low Bay
Saint-Gobain Case Study – Germany (Industrial / Glass Packaging) Industrial / Glass Germany High Bay
Rockline Industries Case Study – USA (Industiral / Paper Processing) Industrial / Wood, Pulp & Paper USA High Bay
Paulaner Brewery Group Case Study – Germany (Industrial / Brewery) Industrial / Brewery Germany High Bay
OzTrail Case Study – Australia (Industrial / Warehouse) Industrial / Warehouse Australia High Bay
Oxigen Case Study – Ireland (Public Works / Recycling) Public Works / Recycling Ireland High Bay
Olympus KeyMed Case Study – UK (Industrial / Metal Manufacturing) Industrial / Metals UK High Bay
March Foods Case Study – United Kingdom (Industrial / Food Processing) Industrial / Food Processing UK High Bay
RAF Odiham Case Study – UK (Public / Military Hangar) Public Works / Military UK High Bay
Kuehne & Nagel Case Study – UK (Industrial / Logistics Provider) Industrial / Logistics UK High Bay
Kimberly-Clark Case Study – Malaysia (Industrial / Pulp and Paper) Industrial / Wood, Pulp & Paper Malaysia High Bay
Gilbertson & Page Case Study – UK (Industrial / Pet Food Processing) Industrial / Food Processing UK High Bay
G.S. Dunn Case Study – Canada (Industrial / Food Processing) Industrial / Food Processing Canada High Bay
Forth Ports Case Study – Scotland (Industrial / Warehouse) Industrial / Warehouse Scotland High Bay
Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair Case Study – USA (Industrial / Ship Manufacturing) Industrial / Shipbuilding USA High Bay
Anglo Normandy Aero Engineering Case Study – UK (Industrial / Aviation) Industrial / Aviation UK High Bay
Lanxess Case Study – Singapore (Hazardous / Chemical Processing) Industrial / Chemical Processing Singapore Low Bay, High Bay, Street Light, Wallpack Bulkhead
Horizontal Well Drillers Case Study – USA (Hazardous / Onshore Drilling) Energy / Oil & Gas USA Linear
PPL Power Generation Facility Case Study – USA (Structural / Power Plant) Energy / Power Generation USA Obstruction
Koehler Paper Group Case Study – Germany (Industrial / Pulp and Paper) Wood, Pulp & Paper Germany High Bay