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Industrial LED Control Systems

Get the most out of your facility by using the lighting infrastructure that is already in place to do more than just light the space. Leverage highly efficient Dialight industrial LED lighting and IntelliLEDTM controls to dramatically improve safety, productivity and energy utilization. The Dialight IntelliLEDTM IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform takes our best-in-class industrial LED lighting to the next level – offering granular control and system-wide visibility to the information you need to identify and reduce risk, optimize site safety & productivity, measure performance and adapt to the future. Scroll to learn more about the different IntelliLEDTM System Components, System Features & Functionality and Unsurpassed Value.

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Dialight IntelliLED Wireless Controls
Connected Industrial Lighting Platform

Connected LED High Bay

Connected LED High Bay

Our state-of-the-art, highly efficient Vigilant® and Reliant™ LED High Bay fixtures can communicate wirelessly with all components in the IntelliLED system.

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server

The IntelliLED Enterprise Server offers the flexibility for complete site-wide lighting management through an easy to use web interface.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Reduce run time and maximize cost savings with daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors.

Gateway Controller

Gateway Controller

The gateway wirelessly integrates fixtures and sensors, offering ground-level control for up to 120 nodes. (Nodes = fixtures and sensors)

Reports & Alerts

  • Reports & Alerts

    Track and download run-time, real-time energy usage and lamp hours. Custom alerts, available via text and email, provide system status

  • Grouping

    Fixtures can be assigned to one or more groups to allow flexibility in controlling different areas in a facility

  • Dimming

    Maximize your ROI by taking advantage of the easy to use dimming feature (light output from 100% down to 5%)

  • Scheduling

    Fully customizable lighting schedule allows you to get the most out of your lighting network, 24/7

  • Sensors

    Daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors help conserve energy when light is not needed

  • On / Off Control

    Instant on/off capabilities with the touch of a button

piggy bank Dialight

  • Fail-safe emergency ON functionality
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Can seamlessly work with PC, mobile and tablet devices
  • Selectable RF channels for optimal wireless connectivity
  • Robust, scalable, self-healing and secure wireless mesh network, designed for industrial environments
  • Title 24 compliant for non-residential installations (Section 130.1 – Indoor Lighting Controls)
  • Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) compliant
  • System back-up capability

At Dialight, we take great pride in the design and robust engineering of our products. We understand the harsh environments that our customers depend on our fixtures to illuminate each day. That’s why our fixtures are built specifically for longevity in these conditions.

We are the only industrial LED lighting supplier with fully-integrated products built for industrial applications, featuring custom in-house power supplies designed for long-life with superior temperature tolerance, vibration resistance and built-in surge protection. Additionally, our sealed fixtures prevent moisture and contaminants from causing failures or reducing lifespan.

We stand behind our industry leading warranties with proven real-world results in the world’s most challenging environments and extensive quality control testing. Additionally, whilst some other manufacturers may require a minimum threshold of 10% or more of LED components to fail in order for a product to be defective, we do not require this because the safety and productivity of your work site is of paramount importance to us.

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Seamless Integration With Factory & Building Automation

The Dialight IntelliLED system was designed with factory and building automation in mind and is the premiere industrial lighting system that can seamlessly integrate with existing industrial automation. Our offerings allow site managers to consolidate control systems and simplify maintenance procedures by integrating with their existing PLC. See below for more information about our Controller Partners.

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