Energy Awareness & Industrial LED Lighting

Research confirms that industrial LED lighting is the most efficient solution to minimize energy consumption and avoid environmental impacts.

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The Dialight Difference

At Dialight, we deeply understand the industrial environments that our customers depend on our fixtures to illuminate each day. Experience why more companies install Dialight than any other industrial LED fixtures in the world.


Dialight fixtures undergo extensive and rigorous testing that far exceeds the industry standard

Choosing inexpensive, subpar LED lighting fixtures may seem like a money saving opportunity today, but it will only lead to more maintenance and safety risks that cost more down the road. Check out our video to see why Dialight fixtures are designed and built to withstand the rigors of heavy industrial use.


Total Cost of Ownership

When it comes to purchasing industrial LED lighting for your facility you must consider the Total Cost of Ownership or (TCO) of the lighting system. Unlike looking at ROI alone, TCO accounts for ongoing maintenance, replacement materials, and expected lifespan in a given environment to give you the full picture of the value of your investment.


Introducing the Area Light Universal Mounting Adapter

With a wide variety of brackets and retrofit kits available, Dialight’s versatile Area Light can easily meet the needs of virtually any industrial application, while saving time and money on installation. Our new Universal Mounting Adapter, now provides even greater flexibility by allowing you to modify stock you have on-hand to configure based on your needs without having to stock a lot of factory installed systems. All available in Class I, Div. 2, Class II, and Class III certified options.

Dialight Industry Applications

At Dialight, we specialize in rugged, cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for a wide variety of industry applications.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

Industrial Processing & Manufacturing


Public & Infrastructure

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Case Studies

Learn why more companies install Dialight than any other industrial LED fixtures in the world.

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