Sustainable Product Design

Sustainable Product Design

Our highly efficient products have a lifespan double that of many other LED competitor products and up to 5X longer than legacy lighting technologies, reducing landfill waste through longer product replacement cycles. Additionally, our products do not contain any mercury or other toxic materials requiring hazardous disposal. As we continue to evolve, our focus is on designing for sustainability.

Long Life

High Efficiency Performance

Reduced Waste

Increased Recyclability

Non-Toxic Materials

Reduced Carbon Emissions

We are currently one of the only industrial LED lighting companies certifying our products using EN 15804 with independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs are externally verified and registered to transparently communicate information on the environmental impact of the production of the product. This allows customers to buy with confidence, knowing their investment will help achieve environmental mandates and corporate sustainability goals in a measurable way. In addition to providing tangible metrics for our customers, the EPD process has also directly helped inform material science strategies for our new product development program.