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Industrial LED Lighting

We offer a broad portfolio of Industrial and Hazardous LED Lighting Solutions to suit your every need, including:

Industrial Lighting Industrial Lighting Obstruction Solutions Obstruction Solutions Control Systems Control Systems Signals & Components Signals & Components

High Performance Industrial and Hazardous LED Fixtures

Our lighting solutions are designed to maximize energy savings while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs to ensure the utmost safety and productivity of your facility. Our customers enjoy an average payback period of less than 3 years with fixtures that last more than 10 years. The significant reduction in maintenance costs results in savings that enhance profitability. The addition of our advanced controls and sensors, which can seamlessly integrate with existing factory automation and building management systems, further enhance the safety, productivity and total cost of ownership for our fixtures.

Telecom & Broadcast Tower Lighting and Wind Lighting Solutions

As the innovation and market leader in LED obstruction solutions for more than 15 years, Dialight offers the industry’s most comprehensive, energy-efficient and reliable line of LED-based obstruction solutions systems in the world. Every Dialight system is fully compliant for dependability and our optics ensure maximum safety with minimal ground scatter for community-friendly illumination. Dialight systems offer the smallest flash head in the industry, for ease of installation and reduced wind resistance, while our zero-maintenance fixtures virtually eliminate tower climbs and unplanned site visits, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and non-compliance risk.

Controlled Lighting Systems

At Dialight, we are committed to advancing LED industrial lighting technology within the automation world, enabling facilities to reduce energy consumption, cost and environmental impact.

Dialight Signals and Components

Dialight offers two types of LED indicator lights – Panel Mount Indicators (PMIs) and Circuit Board Indicators (CBIs), traffic signal modules, arrows, pedestrian signals, interior and exterior rail lights, track signals, LED vehicle lights, and LED lighting for architectural settings.

Dialight Industry Applications

At Dialight we specialize in rugged, cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for wide variety of hazardous and industrial applications.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

Industrial Processing & Manufacturing


Public & Infrastructure

Our Technology Differentiation

Custom Power Supplies

Custom Power Supplies

Integrated Design

Integrated Design

Latest LEDs and Advanced Optics

Latest LEDs and Advanced Optics

Intelligent Controls

Intelligent Controls

Seamless Integration with Existing Factory Automation

Seamless Integration with Existing Factory Automation

Long-life drivers with optimized thermal dissipation for protection against environmental contaminants and vibration related failures.

Built for longevity in harsh environments: Simple installation, advanced protective coatings, and no replacement parts -- virtually eliminating maintenance for up to 10 years.

Highly efficient, crisp, uniform, low-glare illumination. Lighting where you need it. Not where you don’t.

Flexibility to group, dim and schedule lights around the unique needs of a facility to maximize energy savings. Plus, seamless integration with existing factory automation. (Wireless controls currently available in Vigilant High Bays, Low Bays and High Output High Bays)

Our advanced lighting controls can be tightly integrated with other systems within a facility, allowing site managers to consolidate control systems and simplify maintenance procedures while leveraging data across an extensive network of measuring points.

At Dialight, we take great pride in the design and robust engineering of our products. We understand the harsh environments that our customers depend on our fixtures to illuminate each day. That’s why our fixtures are built specifically for longevity in these conditions.

We are the only industrial LED lighting supplier with fully-integrated products built for industrial applications, featuring custom in-house power supplies designed for long-life with superior temperature tolerance, vibration resistance and built-in surge protection. Additionally, our sealed fixtures prevent moisture and contaminants from causing failures or reducing lifespan.

We stand behind our industry leading warranties with proven real-world results in the world’s most challenging environments and extensive quality control testing. Additionally, whilst some other manufacturers may require a minimum threshold of 10% or more of LED components to fail in order for a product to be defective, we do not require this because the safety and productivity of your work site is of paramount importance to us.