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Case Study: Gilbertson & Page
United Kingdom

Gilbertson & Page go energy efficient with LED lighting.

before Gilbertson & Page installed Dialight LED LightingBased in Welwyn Garden City Gilbertson & Page produces dog food for which it has held the Royal Warrant since 1884.

In further recognition of its high standards, the company has received the additional accreditation of the international quality standard ISO9001:2000. Additionally it takes its responsibility as an energy user very seriously and was looking for ways to improve in that area.

The lighting challenge

“We wanted to become more energy efficient,” explains Chris Hill, Chief Engineer at Gilbertson & Page, “so we decided to look at alternative lighting solutions. In total we had 62 high pressure sodium fixtures, a mixture of 250W and 400W, throughout the factory, warehouse and outdoor area.

The high pressure sodium lights were regularly changed, but there were always one or two ready for replacement, which was done during working time, as the factory runs continuously from 6.00am Monday to 4.00pm Saturday. Also, some were in hard to access areas, so they tended to get neglected.”

The lighting solution

after installing Dialight LED high bay fixturesOn the recommendation of energy consultants Interior Control, and with their assistance in securing a Carbon Trust

loan to fund the investment in energy efficient technology, Chris opted for LED technology specialist Dialight’s DuroSite® LED High Bay as the best lighting solution. It was clear that using the 150W LED high bays to replace the 250W and 400W high pressure sodium fixtures (which usually run at 440W with their drivers) on a one-to-one basis would deliver energy efficiency, but in fact it delivered many more benefits.

The outcome

Installation of the LED high bays was achieved with ease by Chris’s in-house electrical engineers and resulted in immediate energy savings of 40-66% depending on the wattage of the fixtures they replaced. With their 5-year continuous performance warranty and likely to last for 10+ years, the LED high bays also banished the need for any maintenance. Now the total eradication of any costs and disruption will make life so much easier.

Chris Hill comments: “Now we’ve not only got energy efficient lighting, but it’s a good, clean light – a huge improvement in light quality as the pictures show. Some people thought it was very bright at first, but now they’re getting used to it and liking it. The instant on-off is marvelous, as LEDs don’t need a warm-up time, now we can turn the lights off in the warehouse when they’re not needed. In fact, with Interior Control’s help I am planning to put in PIRs/Lux sensor control and make it even more energy efficient – something I was unable to do before installing these Dialight LED lights.”

About Gilbertson & Page

Gilbertson & Page has been making dog food for over 130 years. Founded in 1873 in the reign of Queen Victoria, the company has a long-established reputation for quality and value in complete dog food manufacture and now, as a market leader, these remain the foundations on which all of its production and development are based.

Dialight reserves the right to make changes at any time in order to supply the best product possible.

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