NSG Pilkington

Case Study: NSG Pilkington

Redditch, UK

Pilkington Automotive Sees 17% Energy Savings, Dramatic Visibility Improvement with Upgrade to Dialight LED Fixtures

Project Snapshot:

  • Pilkington Automotive warehouse facility
  • Existing HID fixtures provided unsatisfactory visibility and difficult to access fixtures for frequent bulb changes
  • Replaced 107 400W HID fixtures, 296 1 x 73W fluorescent fixtures and 67 2 x 73W Fluorescent fixtures with 327 x 112W 18,000Lumen and 108 x 212W 26,000 lumen Dialight High Bays
  • Controls package added a complete flexibility for the installation site to only use light when needed and reduce burn time
  • Delivered 17% energy cost savings, despite a net gain in fixture count
  • At least a decade of zero maintenance with 10-year full performance warranty

NSG Group, one of the world’s leading producers of glass and glazing products, is a multinational supplier of architectural, automotive and technical glass for buildings, OEM and aftermarket replacement and displays, optoelectronics and glass fiber products. With principal operations in 28 countries and 27,000 employees worldwide, the 629.2M yen Tokyo-based company sells its products into over 130 companies around the globe.

Its Pilkington Automotive facility in Redditch, UK, boasts an aftermarket automotive glass product range of nearly 7,000 parts covering 600 vehicle models, including everything from AC Ace, Aston Martin and Ferrari to Jaguar, MG, Mercedes and Volvo.

The Challenge: Difficult Access for Repetitive Lighting Maintenance

Like most facilities of its time, the Pilkington plant was lit by conventional HID lamps with linear fluorescents as emergency backup. But, as is typical with HID technology, the fixtures required frequent bulb changes.

Not only was maintenance an ongoing issue and expense, but it was made even more challenging by the difficulty in accessing the fixtures themselves. Between the location of fixtures above the storage racking and the high-traffic environment with 24/7 operations, changing out light bulbs often meant shutting down aisles for access, which directly impacted productivity and revenue.

Dialight LED High Bays at NSG Pilkington.
Dialight LED High Bays at NSG Pilkington.

The Solution: Dialight Industrial LED Fixtures with Controls

NSG had already built a relationship with Dialight, the world leader in industrial LED lighting solutions, with Dialight LED lighting installations at multiple NSG facilities across Europe over the years. Impressed by the lighting improvements they’d seen at other facilities, the Pilkington team contacted Dialight to conduct a site survey to assess lighting needs and propose a solution. Dialight not only conducted the survey but also provided a design and layout plan to maximize light output and visibility on the ground with minimal energy cost.

Dialight proposed its Vigilant Dimmable 18,000 and 26,000 lumen High Bay fixtures to bring clarity and increased visibility to the Pilkington facility. Offering maximum energy efficiency and lumen efficacy of any fixture in their class, the Vigilant High Bays offered at least 65% reduction in energy consumption per fixture compared to the outdated HIDs. Not to mention, the Dialight High Bays are backed by the company’s 10-year full-performance warranty, which essentially eliminates lighting maintenance for a decade or more.

In addition, the proposal included implementation of a Controls package with occupancy sensors to maximize energy savings and sustainability. Installed and commissioned by Ecopare, a Dialight recommended installer, the lights are activated only when personnel are present, reducing burn time and energy consumption with virtually no impact on productivity.

The Result: Improved Visibility, Energy Savings & Zero Maintenance

The Dialight Vigilant Dimmable 18,000 and 26,000 lumen High Bays have delivered a major improvement in light levels throughout the Pilkington plant, enhancing visibility and worker safety. Despite adding a few more fixtures, the low-energy LED products reduced the facilities’ energy costs by 17% while virtually eliminating lighting maintenance for years to come, for an overall substantial return on investment.

“The new Dialight fixtures have more than met our expectations with improved light quality, cost savings and durability,” said Mark Hay EDC Operations Manager). “The controls package has allowed us a great deal of flexibility in site use based on occupancy and the level of site activity. Overall, we’re extremely pleased with Dialight’s solution, and highly recommend these fixtures to anyone looking for a reliable, robust, future-ready lighting solution.”

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