Sustainability Award

Sustainability Award

Dialight was honoured to receive the 2022 Sustainability Award from the Lighting Council Australia.

The ‘Sustainability Award’ is awarded to individuals or companies who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to advancing the sustainability and environmental aims of Lighting Council Australia (LCA).

The LCA is the main body for the lighting industry in Australia. Its goal is to encourage the use of environmentally appropriate, energy efficient, quality lighting systems.

Dialight’s sustainable LED lighting encompasses the full sustainability solution that the LCA seeks to promote:

 – industry leading efficiency reducing the carbon footprint of users

– ethically sourced materials with their carbon impact assessed by Environmental Product Declarations

– 10-year life that reduces the use of resources in replacing fixtures and

– improving safety on site by providing high quality light output.

As a member of the LCA since 2009, it was fitting that Dialight was recognised by the LCA as a long-term sustainability solution at their inaugural sustainability awards.