September 29, 2017

Dialight Announces Performance Enhancements for LED High Bay & Low Bay Fixtures

FARMINGDALE, N.J. (September 29th, 2017) – Dialight (LSE:DIA), the global leader in industrial LED lighting technology, today announced the launch of its new, performance-enhanced LED Vigilant® and SafeSite® High Bay and Low Bay fixture lines. The most-installed LED industrial lighting fixture on the market, Dialight’s Vigilant High Bay line has been the leading contributor to Dialight achieving the industry’s first 1 million installed fixtures milestone.

The new Vigilant and SafeSite High Bay enhancements include: a major efficiency improvement from 125 lumens per watt (lm/W) up to 145 lm/W, improved color rendering to 80 CRI, additional lens options, and support for future programmable occupancy sensors and wireless controls.

On the Vigilant and SafeSite Low Bay LED luminaries, the new enhancements match those of the High Bay family to include: efficiency upgrades from 80 lm/W up to 130 lm/W, improved color rendering to 80 CRI, additional lens options, and support for future programmable occupancy sensors and wireless controls.

As a standard, the entire Dialight LED Vigilant High Bay/Low Bay line now features <5% dimming capability and a wide suite of mounting options. The Dialight SafeSite High Bay and Low Bay for hazardous applications will continue to carry full hazardous area certifications, including Class I Division 1, Class I Division 2, Class II Division 1, Class II Division 2 and associated groups.

“Our newest High Bay is a substantial leap forward in reliability and performance, making it the clear choice when it comes to investing in LED lighting,” said Michael Sutsko, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “We’ve increased the efficiency, designed for robust controls and now provide a wide range of fixtures covered by our exclusive 10-year guarantee.”

Dialight’s High Bay/Low Bay family offers exceptional energy efficiency and installation flexibility to suit virtually any industrial environment. Dialight will begin accepting orders for their popular Quick Ship versions of the new LED Vigilant and SafeSite High Bay and Low Bay’s on October 23rd, 2017. A detailed list of High Bay & Low Bay Quick Ship items are available at This introduction is the beginning of a series of new product and technology releases planned over the next several months.

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Dialight is a global leader in improving sustainability, safety and operational efficiency for its customers by providing high-efficiency, long-lasting LED lighting technology for industrial applications. With over a million fixtures installed worldwide, Dialight’s class-leading technology reduces energy use, cost and environmental impact for customers and is certified to a broad range of international standards. The company’s operations are headquartered in the U.S., and it is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker DIA.  Further information on Dialight and its products is available at

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