Noyon Solutions Logistiques Case Study – France (Industrial / Logistics)

Case Study: Noyon Solutions Logistiques
Mondeville, France

Logistics company cuts lighting costs to one third, encourages conservation and improves its work environment with Dialight LED lighting.

Noyon before and after LED Industrial LightsFrance-based Noyon Solutions Logistiques takes pride in the company’s ability to help its customers save time and money while expanding their organisation’s capabilities. As an essential part of this mission it continuously seeks opportunities to reduce costs, improve performance and create a more productive working environment.

The Challenge

The 2,000 m2 facility at Mondeville contained narrow aisles lit with 26 HPS lamps mounted at approximately 10 ms in height that were in use sixteen hours a day, five days a week. The old lighting system, which required frequent and costly eplacement of lamp using a cherry picker, necessitated a significant time delay to return to full illumination after being turned off or in the event of a power outage. Moreover, the old lighting generated heat that could make the working environment less comfortable and many employees found that the poor quality of light interfered with concentration when reading labels or touch screens.

The Solution

Mr. Noyon, director of the company, conducted tests with Dialight LED high bay fittings before deciding to make an investment. Field reports and energy consumption reductions confirmed the new lighting’s potential; drawing only 150W compared to the HPS that were drawing 480W including ballast loss, the LED high bay fittings would deliver immediate and substantial energy savings.

The Result

Energy consumption was slashed to 33%, reducing total wattage consumed from 12,480W to only 3,900W. In addition, the instant illumination delivered by LED technology increased efficiency in the facility, as employees no longer have to wait for full light intensity to be achieved after turning the lights on. Workers themselves also contribute to additional savings by turning lights off and on more often since there is no more time delay involved.

Noyon’s employees report that the new lighting has enhanced productivity, noting that stable, soft lighting from the LED high bays allows improved concentration and reduces heat to create a more comfortable work environment.

“The review from our field team is very positive,” Mr Noyon noted. “The LEDs enhance comfort for workers who are reading labels and touch screens. The instant on/off feature allows employees to turn the lighting off and on as often as they do at home to conserve energy. Also, we’ve realised major financial benefits since energy consumption was reduced by two thirds.”

The company’s decision to replace the lighting in its 2,000 m2 facility with energy efficient LED light fittings fulfilled all of its goals by significantly reducing energy consumption and costs, encouraging employee concern for resources and providing superior illumination to enhance team productivity.

Dialight reserves the right to make changes at any time in order to supply the best product possible.

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